Gifts for Mother's & Grandma's

Here is our selection of gift ideas for Mothers and Grandmothers.
All gift boxes come with a personalised gift card and a framed photograph.

“A garden of love grows in a Grandmother's heart”

We have so much to thank our Grandmother’s for. For being such an integral part of our child hood and helping to make us the people we are today. All the love and kindness they have shown from childhood through to adulthood.

Whether you are looking to show your appreciation to your Grandma, or Mother, who has recently become a Grandma, Oh So Grand is an excellent way to show how much you care.

With all our Grandmother’s Gift Boxes including up to Five Photographs, a Photo-frame and a Personal Letter you get to send something truly meaningful and everlasting. Whether you are buying your Grandma’s Gift Boxes to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or just wanting to surprise her, Oh So Grand is sure to put a smile on Grandma’s face. The perfect way to send a snapshot in time along with some sweet treats and beauty products.

Our range of boxes include all time favourite classics such as Werther’s Originals as well as UK manufactures hand moisturisers and hand soaps sure to make a lasting impression.

Finally, all our gift boxes are sent beautifully packaged, directly to your Grandma’s door so whether you live around the corner or across the country your Grandma will be able to enjoy her gift.

All Our Love

Oh So Grand Team